Demo reel

Other music by myself

Here’s a compilation of tracks that I have composed and mixed in an hour or less, each submitted to OHBs (One Hour Battles.) There are lots of different styles and genres to be heard in here, but it shows what I can do in a short span of time! (note: not all of the OHB songs are high quality, I make them for my entertainment only!)

And next are my “best of” tracks, consisting of songs that did well in competitions or ones that people like more than others.

Here is my album that I released in 2018. It covers my personal production style and what I enjoy to make.

You can check out some of my remixes through this link:  MetaPop

Mixing and mastering portfolio

I have mixed and mastered many community projects that I’ve been involved with. Here are just a few examples of my most recent work. (note: for MONSQUAZ Swap Album 9, I mixed songs 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The rest of the songs were done by Midori Mizuno and Coral.)

SoundCloud avatars by Dawn!